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Pete Davidson slams Kanye West: 'I'm in bed with your wife' |  celebrities

Pete Davidson slams Kanye West: ‘I’m in bed with your wife’ | celebrities

celebritiesTurns out the love between Kim Kardashian (41) and Pete Davidson (28) is getting more and more serious. After the reality star made her relationship with Davidson ‘Instagram-official’ last weekend, the comedian has now made himself public for the first time. Davidson is said to have sent a number of text messages to Kanye-Ye-West (44) asking him to stop his disruptive behavior.

Davidson reaches out to Yi about his recent diatribe against Kim, embarrassing the fact that their eight-year-old daughter North is on Tik Tok. “Yo, this is Skete. Could you please calm down for a while?” Davidson begins his letter. “It’s eight in the morning and it doesn’t have to be like that. Kim is the best mom I’ve ever seen. What you do because the kids are amazing and you’re so lucky that she’s the mother of your kids, you’ve decided you’re not going to treat us like that anymore, I’m done keeping my mouth shut. Beth, who Ye always calls it Skete.

She replied, “Oh, I’m starting to talk rudely now too. Where are you anyway?”. Pete replied, “I’m in bed with your wife.” He also sent a photo that can be clearly seen in bed: “I’m in Los Angeles for today, if you have time to stop being a little bitch on the Internet and want to talk to me. I’m not afraid of you brother. Your actions are so sad and embarrassing, it’s sad to see you Your legacy is being torn apart day by day. Let me help you, I also have mental problems.” Finally, the comedian sent a few more messages to Ye, but they didn’t receive any reply.

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(Read more below the screenshots)

© Instagram

Pete Davidson - Kanye West

Pete Davidson – Kanye West © Instagram

Davidson is said to have shared the screenshots via the Instagram account of his friend and colleague Dave Sirus, who has since protected his account after Ye shared a screenshot in which someone requested Dave’s address.

While breaking up with a script isn’t exactly mature behavior, it appears that Kim and Pitt’s relationship is serious. The photo Davidson sent to Yi shows the comedian with Kim’s name tattooed on his chest. Online, many fans have already interacted with tattoos.

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