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“Judicial and judicial documents were also stolen in a cyberattack on the website” – Computer – News

The hacker group Medusa not only captured personal data from 311,000 Belgian households in the cyberattack on's computer systems. The group is also said to have been able to obtain judicial and notarized documents containing financially sensitive information.

VRT NWS editors say they were able to view the documents determined It concerns more than just national register numbers, names and addresses, as previously suggested. She added: “Documents were also leaked from notaries and courts containing details of inheritance or living wages.” “People are named.” says there has been open communication about the leak. The waste management company spoke In his original press release About the names, addresses and national register numbers of 311,000 people. According to the organization, this data dates back to the years 2014 and 2015. According to, data such as ID card numbers, passwords, login details, account numbers and bank card numbers were not among the leaked data. Concerned customers will also receive a personal letter containing information about the leak.

Hacker group Medusa managed to hack into an old data server of Flemish waste management company in December last year. The group managed to obtain data from 311,000 Belgian households and also threatened to publish this data if did not want to pay a ransom of 100,000 euros. The waste management company says it did not pay this amount.

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