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Post-layoff: How do you explain the “gaps” in your professional timeline?  What about the issue of references?  |  My guide

Post-layoff: How do you explain the “gaps” in your professional timeline? What about the issue of references? | My guide

GobatSeparation can seem like a bolt out of the blue. However, you can also see it as a golden opportunity, says Gary Kellner, director of talent acquisition at HR Services Group Liantis. I asked him what his main advice was.

Look before you start (again).

“After you've been laid off, give yourself the space to calmly think about the career direction you want to pursue next,” Kellner advises. “Take a moment to reflect on your last work adventure: What did you find really difficult, what gave you energy, what seemed like an energy drain? Or what made your employer decide to terminate the contract?”

“So look at the layoff as a moment of reflection. Make an overview for yourself of potential positions, companies or organizations that align well with what you're passionate about. Remember that a new job can go in any direction, even if it's very different from what you've been doing from there. Before. But try to look for a job and/or company where your skills and experience can make a difference. It may also be possible to take on a new challenge as an independent entrepreneur.”

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Put yourself in the spotlight

Once you have a clear picture of the path you want to take, it's time to take action. This is how our Talent Acquisition Manager continues. “Comprehensively update your resume and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Let the digital world know that you are open to new opportunities. Put your strengths and qualities in the spotlight, but also be open about areas where you can still grow or want to improve.” In. And if growth is at the top of your agenda, look for great courses that will strengthen you during this temporary period and give your resume an extra boost.

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“And Last but not least: Stay positive. It may take some time to find the perfect partner, but don't make hasty decisions. The most important thing is to choose the thing that makes you happy and through which you can continue to develop yourself. If you feel that some additional guidance is welcome, consider supporting, for example, A Career coach. In short: Separation doesn't have to be a negative. It may just be an opportunity to discover something new and valuable in your career.

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Gary Kellner of Liantis: “Always be honest, even if the signal is less positive.” © Liantis

Be honest and transparent

A potential new employer may ask for references from your previous employer. If you get fired somewhere, it's not that clear-cut. “Always be honest, even if the reference is less positive,” Kellner says. “It can actually be positive if you say: I had less experience there, but I want to develop myself in certain areas or grow in some areas. And if you have already followed training to strengthen yourself, this can only be positive.

“In addition, consider providing more than one reference. This way you show that you are transparent and offer multiple perspectives on your skills. Have you worked in different industries? Then, different references can highlight specific experiences relevant to the new position. In short: from Through multiple references, you give the employer a more complete picture of who you are as a candidate. However, do not forget that your permission is required before the interviewer can request references from previous employers, even if these employers are part of the interviewer's network You have the interview.

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“Vacation” is not a problem

If you were suddenly fired, you may need some time to take on a new challenge. However, a gap in your professional timeline doesn't necessarily have to be a tragedy. “You continue to grow even during a short period of rest,” Kellner says. “Whether you travel, volunteer, intern, or simply take time for yourself: these experiences provide valuable learning moments that contribute to your personal and professional development. So, don't forget to keep track of this yourself, so you can talk about it during the interview.

“Honesty is key. Be open about your vacation and talk about how it shaped you. Show that you have the skills, competencies and experience that match the job and show that you are ready for a new adventure.

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