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Julie Vermeer warns of Switch scams: 'He lost about 1,000 euros'

Julie Vermeer warns of Switch scams: ‘He lost about 1,000 euros’

Consumer organization Test Aankoop has filed a complaint against Switch and SFAM after they received hundreds of complaints about forced contracts after purchasing Apple products. Julie Vermeire has also become a victim and warns her followers on Instagram.

Tuesday it was announced Purchase test filed a complaint Before the Economic Inspectorate and the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) against Switch and SFAM. Since September 2020, the consumer organization has already received 466 complaints about the “forced” conclusion of some contracts after purchasing an Apple product.

According to Test Aankoop, when you purchase a smartphone, tablet or computer, consumers are offered a month’s free insurance or a promise of cash back. Various documents must then be signed and an account number must also be provided.

But then the consumer receives several emails that he has concluded an insurance contract for a year, a subscription to a gift card or a subscription to create a website. These costs can be prohibitive.

Anyone who contacts customer service will receive an email saying that their question will be answered, but in the end this did not happen.

Julie Vermeer, 23, has also fallen victim to such practices and warns against them on Instagram. “I lost about 1000 euros! Outrageous! Vermeire was eventually able to stop the payments.

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