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"K2 Looking for K3" candidate Remy found love during the match

“K2 Looking for K3” candidate Remy found love during the match


Remy de Smet (19), a musical actor who reached the semi-finals in K2 looking for K3 Kicked, he’s no longer single. During the match, sparks fly with his fellow student, as told in the story. “Not the ideal period, because I wasn’t there for it that much.”

Eileen Debbie

Remy studies musical theater in Tilburg, the Netherlands. He clicked for a while with a Dutch girl from his direction. During the match, they became a couple. Remy was often in Belgium for recordings and rehearsals K2 looking for K3So it can’t be there for her. “But if you love each other, you persevere,” he says. Now that he’s back in Tilburg again five days a week, they have time for each other. “After our study, we’ll see where we end up…”

Remy will not be in the final K2 looking for K3 It can be seen. He lost weight last Saturday with Luca. The new K3 will definitely be a girl: Julia, Celeste, Amy or Diddy. Who will replace Klassie will be revealed on Saturday at the end of the live show.

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