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Romeo Elvis on allegations of sexual assault: 'I understand ...

Romeo Elvis on allegations of sexual assault: ‘I understand …

“I want people to see that I understand my mistake,” said Brussels-based rapper Romeo Elvis after being accused of sexual assault in September.

Romeo Elvis sexually assaulted meA young woman wrote on her Instagram last September. In the letter, where screenshots were added from a conversation with Romeo Elvis, the Brussels rapper had already admitted misbehaving and apologizing. “It was a stupid impulse.” “I gave you the option to speak about it publicly,” wrote Romeo Elvis.

The case caused a sensation. It is said that Romeo Elvis assaulted the young woman. It is said that the singer followed her into the fitting room and acted across borders. When she told the young woman the story, Romeo Elvis responded quickly by admitting his gesture and posting an apology letter on Instagram in which he spoke of a “stupid motive.”

How quickly can success turn out

After the new “TPA” was released (for ‘Everything can happen‘), Romeo Elvis takes the opportunity to return to the allegations. at Evening “I would like people to hear that I understood my mistake,” he says. He continues to explain that he “learned his lesson” and understands why the victim decided to share her story with the world.

Roméo Elvis released new music for the first time with their single ‘TPA’ following the accusations. The song’s lyrics are all about the speed with which success can turn out. So the song is a response to the turmoil that arose at that time.