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Kanji apple is gaining popularity all over the world

Kanji apple is gaining popularity all over the world

As the holidays approach, CMI Orchard highlights the growing popularity of Kanzi® apples, especially for foodies who use them in baked desserts and festive treats. Rochelle Bohm, CMI’s vice president of marketing, says that Kanzi’s sweet, intensely fresh flavor and firm texture set it apart from other apples when baked.

Kanji cultivation is expanding in major regions including Italy, South Africa, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Bohm reports that Kanji is now the second most popular apple variety in Europe and is gradually gaining ground among American consumers.

According to data from an influencer mailout program with 500 participants, Conci’s flavor received positive feedback from American consumers, notes Danielle Huber, senior marketing manager. Huber notes that consumers continue to be willing to pay more for Kanji, and retailers can use tools like the Flavogram program to advise and encourage customers to consider other Apple choices. Gansey apples are available at CMI orchards throughout the season, in conventional and organic varieties.

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