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Stewards criticize FIA ​​over track limits case

Stewards criticize FIA ​​over track limits case

The trustees announced yesterday that the Haas group’s right to reconsideration had been denied. Haas appealed the decision at the American Grand Prix, but the stewards disagreed. However, the stewards say the FIA ​​should intervene to resolve the issues of track limits.

Haas had gone to the stewards because they believed several drivers should have received time penalties for breaking track limits at Austin. The Haas team said they discovered new evidence, so they filed a right to review. However, according to the stewards, this was not significant new evidence because they were already familiar with the images provided by Haas.

should be implemented

However, the administrators say that action should be taken quickly. In the decision document they call on the FIA ​​to come up with a solution: “Despite the formal conclusion of this decision, officials have seen personal evidence indicating the possibility of exceeding the limits of the circuit at the top. Turn 6 proves that they find the inability of all competitors to properly enforce the on-track limits to the current standard to be completely unsatisfactory.


In Austin, track limits issues certainly aren’t the first time you’ve had to deal with them. For example, in Austria, there were 1200 (!) cases of track violations during the race. Therefore, the stewards argue for a permanent solution: “With the number of different circuits where significant problems have arisen this season and the FIA ​​already making significant progress with the circuits, further work is needed before the start of the 2024 season.” Solutions are found.”

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