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Kanye West praises Kris Jenner but slams boyfriend Corey Gamble |  celebrities

Kanye West praises Kris Jenner but slams boyfriend Corey Gamble | celebrities

celebritiesKanye ‘Ye’ West (44) made some pretty sweet statements on his Instagram account this past weekend. After he previously attacked his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 41, he has nothing but praise for her mom, Kris Jenner, 66. He admires Jenner for the way she takes care of her family. But this does not mean that he is still highly critical of Corey Gamble (41), Chris’ friend. West and Gamble used to seem like they had a good relationship with each other, but there isn’t much left of that now.

Kanye West continues to amaze friend and foe with his wild Instagram posts. After he previously attacked his good friend and fellow rapper Kid CudiMore old friendships were broken. In his last speech on Instagram, which has since been deleted, Corey Gamble targets his ex-mother-in-law’s boyfriend Kris Jenner.

“God has a plan to remove the evil Corrie who shouldn’t have been here at all,” the rapper wrote in a Gamble photo on Saturday afternoon. “I think he’s a nice guy. Not a cool guy. A nice guy snuck into the house when he divorced Chris.” A startling statement, because in the past West Gamble would regularly call “Calmye,” referring to a quieter version of himself.

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While Kanye suddenly has a problem with Gamble, he praises Kris Jenner, despite having attacked her before: “I love Kris. This woman is a hero and she did what she had to do to protect her family and make sure they thrive, even if that It means telling everyone not to listen to me,” West commented on the photo. from Gamble. “I respect her hard work and her mentality.”

In trouble

And his Instagram posts are not even the only problematic situations in which the rapper has been involved. In January, he punched a fan who asked for his autograph. Then the Los Angeles police were investigating West’s involvement. Police sources have now told TMZ that they are close to completing their investigation and that Kanye could face charges of assaulting the fan. The Public Prosecution Office now has three options: either file a complaint, dismiss the case, or invite all parties to meet to negotiate terms.

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