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Despite all the fuss: Dave Chappelle is allowed to make a series for Netflix again |  celebrities

Despite all the fuss: Dave Chappelle is allowed to make a series for Netflix again | celebrities

celebritiesStand-up comedian, 48, came under fire in October last year for his anti-gay comments on his Netflix show The Closer. There have been a lot of comments on this, including from the transgender staff of the streaming service itself. Then they stopped working for a while in protest. Now, about four months later, Netflix has announced that Chappelle will be allowed to do another comedy series.

Critics say Chappelle’s show The Closer is transphobic and may contribute to hate. The Netflix CEO has denied the allegations, defending the artistic freedom of stand-up comedians and refusing to show the show offline. To this day, the company has stood by Chapelle.

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This decision led to a planned “strike” in October, a strike by a group of Netflix employees, both transgender and sympathetic colleagues, at its Los Angeles headquarters. They have paused work to draw attention to transgender rights and the work of LGBTQ+ organizations. “We appreciate our transgender colleagues and supporters and understand the pain that has occurred,” a Netflix spokesperson said.

But despite all the hype, Netflix never stopped working with Chappelle. The streaming platform and comedian have had a deal since 2017 and both sides clearly want to keep it. In fact, it gets more work. He’s now ready to present a new four-part comedy special, “Chapelle’s Main Team.” In each episode, the floor is given to a stand-up comedian: “The people in this series are not only friends, but they have also inspired me in my career. Everyone really knows these resounding names from the comedy world,” Chappelle said in a statement from Netflix. Principal as a producer, but he will also be seen in every episode for a guest presentation.Episode one with comedian and radio host Earthquake will appear online on Monday, February 28.

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