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Kevin De Bruyne On His Unique Football Mind (With 10 Scans In 8 Seconds Before His Amazing Help): 'Gather As Much Information You Can' |  Red Devils

Kevin De Bruyne On His Unique Football Mind (With 10 Scans In 8 Seconds Before His Amazing Help): ‘Gather As Much Information You Can’ | Red Devils

Red DevilsTwo days after that remarkable raid, Kevin De Bruyne spoke to the press. About that incredible 45 minute, following his injury, the Ballon d’Or and his son Mason Milian. He laughs: “Usually he is always with the blue team. But now he realizes that he has to support the red.”


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The current newsletter was stuck on the lips of “KDB”. What do you want after such a great performance. The protagonist turns against Denmark. And so it was about that beautiful 1-1 result and his help. “I got the ball from Lukaku and thought: I’m kicking. But Romelu’s pass was too weak. The shot would be blocked. I knew there were fellow teammates walking to my left. I pushed the ball forward, it passed, and there was a Thorgan.”


I have little feeling on the left half of my face. A little ambitious, but that’s okay. I’m so focused on the game that I don’t even think about it.

Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne learned that Thorgan Hazard and certainly Carrasco walked to his left, the tweet below appears from Geir Jordet, a Norwegian professor of psychology. It shows that De Bruyne has scanned the environment no fewer than 10 times in the eight seconds leading up to his perfect practice: five times for the ball, five times for his teammates. A number that sets KDB apart from almost every other footballer. Whenever Lukaku touches the ball, De Bruyne looks at the ball. To record his surroundings every time afterwards.

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The mind of “KDB” is unique. (laughs) I also make bad decisions. But I try to gather as much information as possible on the field and get into the minds of my fellow players. I adapt to the way they play. Sterling in City wants the ball in space, and Eden in the Red Devils wants the ball in the foot.” Half an hour later, De Bruyne had a physical difficulty in Copenhagen. “Makes sense after three weeks without playing minutes. I’ll start against Finland, and I hope to last longer.”

France Press agency


Is De Bruyne still suffering from the operation? “I still have a little feeling on the left half of my face. A bit ambitious, but it’s not that bad per se. Once the match starts, I focus so hard that I don’t even think about it anymore. I’m glad I can play without a mask. to annoy me.” Angry at the immoral Rüdiger was and is. “It was never his goal to break my nose. He texted me right away. I answered. With that, it’s over.”

red vs blue

The topic of the “Golden Ball” was also discussed. “These are things that I have no control over. I feel proud to be seen as a competitor. It means that you belong to the best players in the world. It is what I have been working on throughout my career.” Winning the European Championship will of course help with that. This should be our goal. But the championship depends on moments. Everything should work perfectly.”

Finally, it was about his eldest son, Mason Milian (5). De Bruyne’s eyes sparkle when he hears his name. “Does he know that a father can play football well? (laughs out loud) I have no idea. My family watched the match in a café on vacation. He seems to like it. He is usually with the blue team. He doesn’t like red. But now he realizes That he has to support the color red.”

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France Press agency


France Press agency