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Spain also cannot win its second match in the European Championship |  European Championship 2020

Spain also cannot win its second match in the European Championship | European Championship 2020

Spain tied for the second time in a row in the European Championship. Lewandowski was the bogeyman for the Spaniards, although Gerard Moreno would sleep poorly with the penalty miss. Spain must not now lose their last group game to Slovakia if they are to avoid an early withdrawal.

Spain – Poland in a nutshell:

  • key moment: Immediately after the tie, Spain gets an excellent opportunity to take the lead again, but Gerard Moreno squandered from 11 metres.
  • man of the match: Wojciech Szczesny had some help from the penalty area and from the Spaniards’ failure, but the Polish goalkeeper was also decisive with some decisive tackles.
  • Special: More penalty kicks have already been missed in this European Championship than have been scored (4). The nuance is that Alewski still scored in the rebound on a missed penalty.

View the general summary:

Alvaro Morata takes advantage of the Spanish dominance

Surprisingly, it was Poland who got off to the best start, with a quick pass from Klic falling onto the surface of the goal. It was a shock to the Spaniards, who could only take the initiative after ten minutes.

Halfway through the first half, Spain already had 75 percent of the ball, but unlike the match against Sweden, it now yielded results: Alvaro Morata thanked his coach for his confidence in the 1-0 win. This was initially denied for offside, but the VAR did justice.

The goal did not change the game. Spain took control, and Poland had to hope for a moment of change. Poland twice managed to get the Spanish defense in trouble. Swiderski missed from close range, and Lewandowski missed a rebound after another shot from Swiderski hit the post. In the middle, Moreno crushed a Spanish chance: 1-0 halfway.

A missed penalty costs Spain two points

Spain were in no hurry after the break to score the reassuring second goal. This approach quickly backfired, as the inevitable Lewandowski did what Polish fans expected of him: score. The Spaniards protested a push at the back from Laporte, but the goal held.

The Polish team appeared to have collapsed in the bud when Gerard Moreno was awarded a penalty after the intervention of the VAR, but Moreno himself hit the post from 11 metres. Morata’s goal was inexplicably broad in retaliation.

Spain failed to demolish the Polish defenses in the last stage. Thanks to excellent goalkeepers by Szczesny, I stayed 1-1 on the board. Spain only has 2 out of 6 left and they have to claim a place in the eighth finals against Slovakia on the last day of play.

Morata: “Victory escaped us again”

  • Alvaro Morata (Spain): “Another match where victory escapes us. We still have a lot of chances, but that’s the case in football sometimes. We still have confidence, we know what to do against Slovakia. People can say and think what they want. Our country has been Soon you’ll be criticized. It will be a final to take us to the 1/8 finals.”
  • Kamel Glick (Poland): “Before the match, almost no one believed us. But sometimes you have to take two steps back to go forward again. I am happy that we play a final against Sweden. I hope the tournament starts for us today, although it is a little later.”
  1. The second half, the 96th minute. The end. past! Spain also cannot win its second match in this European Championship. He remains in a 1-1 draw with Poland and is third in Group E after two days of matches.
  2. The second half, the 96th minute, the game is over
  3. Yellow card for Spaniard Rodri during the second half, 95th minute
  4. The second half, the 94th minute. Spain is trying to organize a kind of last attack, but Poland survives without too many problems. .
  5. Yellow card for Robert Lewandowski during the second half, 93rd minute
  6. The second half, the 90th minute. The Poles also believe in complete looting. Lewandowski counterattacks with a clever heel, but is quickly deflected. .
  7. The second half, the 89th minute. The Swedes laughing with their fists. Philip Goss.
  8. The second half, the 87th minute. 2 out of 6 for Spain? The seconds are close in favor of the Spaniards, who are threatening to fall behind with 2 of 6 in Group E, behind Sweden and Slovakia. .
  9. The second half, the 87th minute. Substitution for Spain, Mikel Oyarzabal inside, Alvaro Morata outside.
  10. The second half, the 85th minute. A substitution for Poland, the exit of Karol Linetti, the exit of Jacob Moder
  11. The second half, the 85th minute. Substitution in Poland, Paul Dawidowicz in, Jan Bednarek outside
  12. The second half, the 85th minute. Chesney dives into Morata’s feet, risking his life and limbs.

    Shchesne drowns Morata’s feet in danger to his life and limbs حياته

  13. The second half, the 84th minute. Szczesny saves Poland. It will not work for Spain! Sarabia offers Morata the winning goal, but Szczesny dives into the attacker’s feet at the risk of his life and limbs. Torres steps into the conclusion. .
  14. The second half, the 82nd minute. Rodri fired another shot in the hands of Chesney.

    Rodri fired another shot, straight into Chesney’s hand

  15. Yellow card for the Spaniard Pau Torres during the second half, 81st minute
  16. The second half, the 81st minute. Rodri is very central. Time is running out for Spain. Rodri realizes this too and fires another shot into Chesney’s hands. .
  17. The second half, the 81st minute. A misunderstanding at the back with Poland.

    Misunderstanding in the back of Poland

  18. Second half, 80th minute. Szczesny grab. Almost an expensive misunderstanding in the back of Poland. Bereszynski allows the ball to run in front of his goalkeeper, who can finally grab the skin as he catches and grabs. .
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