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Kevin Janssens expresses in "Het huis": "My grandmother came to ...

Kevin Janssens expresses in “Het huis”: “My grandmother came to …

Actor Kevin Janssens (42) – né Kevin Roels – will come to meditate this evening on Het huis on One, about himself and life. A difficult situation with his biological father. He does so in a disarming manner, frankly, and honestly. “The fear of being left alone exists.”

The presence of Kevin Janssens on the beloved One in itself might surprise you. The actor often appears as a closed book, rarely longs for interviews. But he’s still judging himself against TV maker Eric Goins. “I am very self-critical and still not completely insecure in my work. But I do believe insecurity is keeping me awake somehow. This ensures that I always go for it 100 percent and not rest on laurels.”

He doubts the roots of this uncertainty in his youth. “I always felt I had to prove myself. And in this profession, you also want to be loved, to be seen. You want everyone to love you. But that’s not the case, of course, and it took me a long time to accept that.”

court of law

Janssens guys often come back on stream. For example, he was born in 1979 as Kevin Royles, something that few know. “My mom left my biological father when I was three. He wasn’t such a nice guy. He drank a lot and was very aggressive. That’s why I want to prove myself strong, I guess.” You don’t want me, I’ll show you what I can do. “

After his stepfather adopted, he changed his name. Although this change led to a painful reunion with his biological father at court. “He was there, but he didn’t look. His mother, my grandmother, was there too. She came to me and said: What do you do? You can not do that. Look, that’s your dad’s situation out there. But I pointed to my stepfather and said: No, this is my father.

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When his biological father died, that came about anyway. My mom told me before I left for a theater show. I got in my car and started crying out loud. I used this evening sadness in that piece. Then you helped me with something, I believed. My regret is that I didn’t ask him why. This was a thing in my later relationships. Separation anxiety, fear of commitment. Because this guy actually told me: I don’t need you. You feel rejected.”


“A lot of friends are younger, but have stability in their own lives. I envy them for that. The fear of being left alone exists,” Janssens says.

after in the home Also hope and optimism. The film centers around Janssens’ love of cinema and his work at Stabroek’s video library in the mid-1990s. About his love for ice cream and how it helped him gain 17 kg for his role in from patrick: “Thaw Häagen-Dasz in the microwave and drink it up.” He sums it up like this: “I wish I had been able to say to my 31-year-old self: calm down. All is well, all is well. “

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“Home,” one, 8.40 p.m.