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‘Killer’ behaves rudely to Putin Pidan | Abroad

Biden’s statements caused a great deal of controversy in Russia. A Kremlin spokesman said Thursday that the United States was not interested in improving relations with Moscow. Russia’s ambassador to the United States will return to Moscow on Saturday to discuss bilateral relations, which, according to the embassy, ​​are in danger of collapsing.

The scandal erupted following an interview with Biden ABC News discussing the tense relationship between Washington and Moscow. The president has promised that Russia will pay the price for allegedly interfering in the US election.

Not the soul

Biden also looked back at a conversation with Putin in which he reportedly admitted to the Russian leader that “there is no soul”. “His answer is, ‘We understand each other,’ ‘Biden said. Then the president was asked if he sees Putin as a murderer.” Oh, I do, “he replied.

Biden was not the first U.S. executive to suspect Putin of dominating Russian politics for more than two decades. Dick Cheney, vice president under George W. Bush, is said to have once said he always thought “KGB, KGB, KGB” when he saw a Russian leader who was part of the Soviet intelligence service.

Relations between Russia and the United States deteriorated during Biden’s tenure as vice president during Barack Obama’s presidency. Defense Secretary Robert Gates later wrote in his memoirs that he saw a “cold-blooded assassin” in 2007 when he looked Putin in the eye. Obama’s successor Donald Trump had a very good relationship with his Russian counterpart. “I like Putin, and he likes me,” Trump said last year.

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