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Tanzania’s controversial leader John Magufuli, 61, has died Now

Tanzanian President John Makhoufuli died at a hospital in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday at the age of 61. The country’s vice president, Samia Suluhu, announced on Wednesday that Maqfuli was suffering from heart disease. She will hold her place until the next elections in 2025, becoming the country‚Äôs first female president.

Magufuli is known as one of the finest corona suspects on the African continent. He had not appeared in public for two weeks, leading many Tanzanians to suspect he was infected with the corona virus.

The country will be in mourning for the next two weeks. The flags are also half mast and state television plays mourning music. Magufuli was the first Tanzanian president to die while in office.

Magufuli has been president of East Africa since 2015. Last year, he was re-elected with 84 percent of the vote in the controversial presidential election. He was nicknamed the ‘Bulldozer’ because of his dictatorial leadership style and preference for large infrastructure projects.

The president angered the World Health Organization (WHO) last year by saying there was no threat of COVID-19. According to him, alternative therapies such as God and steam baths may protect Tanzanians. He also said that corona vaccines were a conspiracy of Western countries to extract wealth from Africa. In May, Tanzania stopped reporting corona virus data.

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