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Kim Kardashian Happened With Kanye West: 'I Just Want To Be Divorced' |  celebrities

Kim Kardashian Happened With Kanye West: ‘I Just Want To Be Divorced’ | celebrities

celebritiesKim Kardashian (41) is totally over it. She has submitted documents to the court indicating that she wants to divorce Kanye West, 44, as soon as possible after the latter filed an appeal against her divorce application last weekend. It appears to be “causing me emotional stress”. Meanwhile, Kanye considers himself the winner of his one-sided online feud with Pete Davidson (28). The rapper claims to be the reason Davidson deleted his Instagram account just days after reactivating his account.

“I have a Skate (Title given by West to Davidson, editor.) from Instagram,” West boasted via his Instagram account Thursday noon. “Tell your mom I changed your name for life.”

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Davidson, who is now allegedly in a relationship with Kim Kardashian, actually deleted his Instagram account on Wednesday – a day after he reactivated it. Earlier that day, he shared a clip from 1982’s The King of Comedy, in which wannabe comedian Robert De Niro claims Robert Popkin, “It’s better to be a king for one night, than to be a sucker for life.” Fans were quick to assume that the quote was intended for the West.

But Kanye has nothing to do with Davidson’s disappearance on Instagram. Sources close to the Saturday Night Live presenter tell us about the truth of the crossroads: “Pete deleted his account because right after his first post he started receiving a large number of messages, both positive and negative. Those messages reminded him of why he doesn’t want to use social media at all.” . The source added, “Pete is in the midst of many major film projects and wants to remain very focused on his work and the positive things that are happening in his life,” according to the source. “Kanye doesn’t have anything, nothing to do with him at all.”

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West has been hunting Davidson for weeks, Who he calls “Skiti” on social media in an attempt to get his ex-wife Kim Kardashian back.

It’s over Kim Kardashian, but Kim Lokalik didn’t

But all West’s attempts to get his ex-wife back are in vain. Kim has been happily dating Pete for a while now and she’s made it clear that she wants to be legally single again as soon as possible. She points out that West’s public outcry on social media hurts her so emotionally that she wants to move on and be a co-parent in a healthy way. In new court documents, obtained by TMZ, Kim said very directly: “I want so badly to be divorced.” She told the judge she asked Kanye to keep their divorce secret, “but he didn’t.”

Kanye, in turn, seems to be working through a breakup by dating again, as well as shouting on Instagram. there was A whirlwind relationship with actress Julia FoxBut that relationship soon fell apart. Now the rapper is said to be dating Shani Jones. If her name means nothing to you, no problem. The 24-year-old Jones is primarily known in America as an Instagram influencer. Not only that, she was also famous for suddenly becoming a Kim Kardashian lookalike. What better way to get over your ex than by dating a version of her, Kanye must have thought.

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Jones was also present earlier this week At the hearing of Kanye’s new album “Donda 2” in Miami. On Thursday, West and Jones were seen on a lunch date in Miami. For the occasion, the influencer wore a black suit, large black sunglasses, and Yeezy’s, Kanye’s shoe brand. The outfit and accessories are very reminiscent of how a Kardashian dressed.

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