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Stan Van Samang investigates The Masked Singer: 'It's going to be dramatic'

Stan Van Samang investigates The Masked Singer: ‘It’s going to be dramatic’


His name was mentioned countless times on “The Masked Singer” last year, when he was everyone’s prime suspect because of Duiker. But Stan Van Samang (42 years old) was not in the suit, but only at home. Tonight he could appear as a detective.

Van Samang was also mentioned this year: Last week guest investigator Bart Peters dropped his name on IJskoning. But the singer and actor are once again exempt from all suspicion. He sits next to Jens Dendoncker, Kevin Janssens, and Ruth Beeckmans to reveal a new voice. The question is: Will Van Samang, as an experienced musician, do something about it?

“I can really feel the pressure,” he says. I hear nothing but: It’s toughI have no idea or I was sure last year, but now…† So I think that would be dramatic.”

With Knight, Flamme Fatale, Rabbit, Scorpio, Miss Cat and Ice King, there are six other characters at play. This time they opened the show with I must feel from The Black Eyed Peas, then compete head-to-head in three duels. Flamme Fatale has a hard time securing a place in the next round: upon entering she asks presenter Niels Destadsbader to marry him.


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VTM, 8.35pm


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