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Kim Kardashian hires a nanny: “I was terrified to introduce him to Kanye” |  celebrities

Kim Kardashian hires a nanny: “I was terrified to introduce him to Kanye” | celebrities

celebritiesThe Kardashian family is full of controlling women, but now they’re seeing the arrival of a ‘Mani’ – a nanny – for Kim’s children. Kim, 42, hired her because she wanted “a man close to her,” for example, to accompany her son Saint, 7, to sports competitions. However, she was terrified to tell her ex-husband Kanye West (46), but fortunately that fear seemed unnecessary.

“It’s very hard for me to be so strict and punish. “My parents were not strict at all,” Kim admits in the latest episode of the reality series “The Kardashians.” She has four children with ex-husband Kanye West: daughters North (9) and Chicago ( 5) and two sons, Saint (7) and Psalm (4). With four young boys at home, it is not easy for Kim to get everything done. “Because I am so busy, it would be nice to have a partner who can take over for me some of the time,” he said. Sometimes, but you know, that’s not the case.”

Kim Kardashian and her children Psalm, Saint, North and Chicago. © Instagram

That’s why Kim hired a nanny. He takes the kids to their after-school activities, but also appears to serve as a male role model for the Kim children. “I really think that my family, and even our family, is very female-dominated. I recently hired a ‘Manny.’ I really wanted to have a man nearby to pick them up and take them to sporting activities.

She clearly thinks this is what’s best for her kids, but she was “scared to tell their father,” Kim admits. However, Kanye welcomed the sitter with open arms. “When he went to drop off the kids, Kanye introduced himself. They played football with him and Saint. He was very nice to him. For example, he said: ‘Hey, if you’ll help raise my son’ – because he gave him the ball very easily – ‘Don’t do it.’ “Let him get it himself.” These are some rules I would like.

“An epic football tour”

To strengthen her bond with her children, she takes each of them individually on trips that meet their passions and hobbies. “Saint, for example, loves football, so I enjoyed traveling around the world to watch matches and build a real relationship with him through this sport,” she told CR Fashion Book magazine.

I took Saint and four of his friends on a “soccer tour” of Europe last spring. That journey can now also be seen in their reality series. Kim explains in the series: “First we go to London to watch the Arsenal match, then we go to Paris to watch the Paris Saint-Germain match.” To make it a truly “epic” trip, Kim organized a meeting with one of the players. But as the group strolled through the square in London, we heard Saint say: “This is the worst day of my life.” Kim had forgotten his red Arsenal shirt at home. The shirt they got especially for the Football Tour. Kim still says, “I’m the worst.” So she clearly has some catching up to do for the rest of the trip.

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