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Millie Bobby Brown is done with Stranger Things, and things are not going well

Millie Bobby Brown is done with Stranger Things, and things are not going well

Tired of “Stranger Things”

Millie Bobby Brown, actress

Millie Bobby Brown was not very popular among her colleagues Weird things. In a recent interview, the 19-year-old actress revealed that she is ready for something different. “Weird things It prevents me from working on other projects that I’m passionate about. These words did not please her colleagues. “It looks really bad for the show,” says an insider. daily Mail. “The show launched her career and allowed her to pay her bills.”

He is arrested after the demonstration

Greta Thunberg, climate activist

Greta Thunberg was arrested in London after speaking at a demonstration against oil and gas companies. She and a group of activists closed the entrance to a hotel. An international oil and gas conference is planned to be held there, where Shell will also attend. Thunberg addressed the crowd but was later arrested by two officers. Photos of the arrest show how the Swedish woman allowed it to happen with a smile.

Lace up your soccer boots one last time

Eden Hazard, footballer

The time has come: Eden Hazard officially retires from football. Anyone who wanted to see Eden Hazard dribble past defenders one last time could go to Calais in northern France last night. Our compatriot played a charity match there with famous (former) football players, such as Daniel van Buyten, Robert Pires and Laurent Blanc. Proceeds from the competition will go to Pièces Jaunes, a French charitable organization that helps sick children and teenagers, among other things.

Moving from London to Beijing

Esmeralda, a Belgian princess

She has lived in London for a quarter of a century, but is now far from home. Princess Esmeralda, King Philip’s aunt, has moved to Beijing. There, her husband, the famous scientist Salvador Moncada, had just been sworn in as ambassador to his native Honduras. Esmeralda can be safely called the most active member of the royal family. She regularly attends protests or speaks out about racism and human rights violations. Will you also do this in China from now on?

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