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'Kimback' expert Andy Murray thinks 'Clijsters can still win the big games' |  Tennis

‘Kimback’ expert Andy Murray thinks ‘Clijsters can still win the big games’ | Tennis

TennisAndy Murray (ATP 172), magnate and title winner (2019) at the European Open, starts today with a first round at the Lotto Arena against Frances Tiafoe (ATP 48). The 34-year-old Briton is also an expert on comeback: ‘Kim should get stronger physically’

“What are my best memories of my previous clip here? I won, of course.” His championship win in Antwerp two years ago might have been the 46th title of his career, but it meant a lot to Andy Murray. The culmination of his hard work after coming back from two years of hip problems and surgery – Murray had a mineral implant in January 2019. “It was unexpected,” said the father and three-time Grand Slam champion. “You may have already won in bigger tournaments, but the hardest to win, in terms of everything I had to go through with my body, was Antwerp. The pressure at Wimbledon was amazing, but to be successful in a tournament of this caliber was a metal burke… the path I took was Too long. Pretty nice souvenirs anyway.” Two years later, Murray gradually began to find his higher level on a regular basis. Last week in Indian Wells, he beat the younger sixteen-year-old super talented Carlos Alcaraz (ATP 42). “My level is there to win against this type of player and I know I have a ‘big championship’ in me soon,” Murray said. “I don’t see any physical impediment to doing something like that anymore and my tennis is there too. So I don’t understand why I can’t win a big title, if I improve a little bit and keep fit.”

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It’s not easy to come back after a long absence but I’m sure she can still win matches at the highest level. (…) She just needs to get a little better and get stronger physically.

Andy Murray on Kim Clijsters

The time it took Murray to adjust his devastated body according to the grind and wear of the track shows that it is not easy to go back this way. That’s why Kim Clijsters went to Indian Wells to get advice from the former number one. And Murray seems to have cultivated some faith. Murray smiled, “It was weird seeing Kim start that comeback.” “I was 17 when I went on the field to watch the US Open final (2003) between her and Justin Henin. So I was really looking forward to her coming back. Look, Indian Wells watched her in training and she still had a great shot. Making the right decisions and things Like that she will improve by playing more matches and get physically stronger by training more. It’s not easy to come back after a long absence but I’m sure she can still win matches at the highest level. She hasn’t done that yet, but it didn’t look bad either, Against all the good players. She just needs to improve a bit and get stronger physically.”