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KNMI studies the relationship between climate change and floods

KNMI studies the relationship between climate change and floods

The KNMI Weather Institute will investigate the relationship between climate change and heavy precipitation and flooding in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. At the same time, Wageningen University & Research is working with other parties to monitor damages.

KNMI conducts this research with an international team of scientists from the World Weather Attribution, backed by experts from the respective countries and experts in the field of heavy rainfall. Results are expected in mid-August.

The Deutsche Wetterdienst is taking the lead and the Royal Belgian Meteorological Institute (RMI) and the Met Office of the British Met Office are also involved. In addition, experts on heavy rainfall from Newcastle University are collaborating. The translation from rain to flood is done by hydrologists from Utrecht University and the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy.

Climate Impact Monitor

Wageningen researchers work alongside governments and insurers on de Climate Impact Monitor Where data on the consequences of extreme weather can be seen in a jiffy. This monitoring device links data to gain knowledge about the relationship between extreme weather and its economic and social costs. For example, the Climate Impact Monitor shows damage to buildings and cars, reduced crop yields, and reports of disease and excess deaths due to weather.

Climate Impact Monitor is a collaboration between Wageningen University and Research, the Dutch Association of Insurers, Climate Adaptation Services, the Rioned Foundation, Stowa and KNMI. This initiative is supported by the provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht and Nord-Brabant.

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