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Kozze van der Meer won the Cyclo-Cross in the United States

Kozze van der Meer won the Cyclo-Cross in the United States

Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 08:51

Goss van der Meir won the first cyclo-cross of the Taylor Cross Cup held on Saturday in Indianapolis. The 26-year-old Dutchman defeated Scott Funston and Cody Trophy after more than an hour of racing. This is the first success of the still early cyclocross season for Van der Meer.

Globetrotter Van der Meer has been in the US for almost two months, and the counter has already reached fifteen cyclocross races. On Saturday, the Dutchman finally recorded his first win of the season at C2 Cross in Indianapolis. Van der Meir cycled his closest attacker Funston in half a minute, giving the cup more than a minute to third place winner.

Van der Mir took third place behind Niels Vanteput and Kerry Werner at the Jingle Cross in Iowa, and was able to settle in the Cross’ Top-10 nine times. Van der Meer also participated in the World Cups in Waterloo, Foytville and Iowa, and was ranked 26th, 26th and 24th respectively.

For women, the cross in Indianapolis is an American affair: 42-year-old Sunny Gilbert became too big for Emily Werner and Erica Javetta.

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