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‘FIA investigation in US causes frustration and happiness at Mercedes’

The Red Bull Racing FIA conducted an investigation into the rear axle of the Mercedes’ W12, but found nothing that the International Motorsport Association could not accept. This caused mixed feelings in Mercedes, namely frustration and joy. For a long time it was clear that nothing illegal could be found, according to a team from Brockley.

Writes that Car, Motor and Sport. ‘It was frustrating because such investigations require time, expense and staff. On the other hand, Red Bull was happy to make a mistake again., Writes the German media.

The trick is not new in Mercedes

According to Mercedes, Red Bull should be aware that the rear is sliding in the Straits. “We have not touched the rear suspension since the beginning of 2020. This is one of the parts that was identical with us.”, Says one of the German team. Each team had two tokens to spend on development last winter and used them for other parts of the Mercedes car.

Louis Hamilton and Voltaire Potas are only now able to take full advantage of this invention. At the start of the season, Mercedes struggled to find the Downforce in the rear, meaning you had to leave something in the front to keep the car in balance. After the Silverstone upgrade, the rear downforce has been upgraded, giving engineers more freedom in the system.

So from the many Grand Prix, you can play more with the set-up, which means that the trick can be used optimally. An important note here is that the whole round depends on how many tens you can win straight. ‘If a track has high-speed corners, you can lower the rear end at high speeds. Otherwise, you will have to pay more for the corners. According to AMS.

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