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Kuritzky keeps Shorter from record victory, Bedcock wins duel with Van der Boyle |  Mountain bike WB

Kuritzky keeps Shorter from record victory, Bedcock wins duel with Van der Boyle | Mountain bike WB

Matteo van der Paul was the man to watch after his victory on Friday. The Dutchman wasted little time and promptly erupted like a missile. He’s got Avancini on his heels. But Van der Boyle had to pay for his fast-opening inaugural tour in the heat in Germany with a slump.

Tom Bedcock, who also transformed from a road bike to a mountain bike, made an impression. The Brit took off at the end of the pack, but made his way forward. He got there after an effort that lasted half an hour. But after that race to catch up, the mountain bike pinnacle was pretty strong and Britain’s Ineos had to be happy with 5.

For victory was a thrilling battle between Shorter, Kuritzky, Vluckiger and Senk. After Vluckiger’s mechanical breakdown, only Shorter and Kurtzky remained. The Swiss could score his 33rd World Cup victory and thus equal the record for Absalon, but in the final sprint race he was overtaken by Kurtzky.

The Frenchman achieved his first victory in the World Cup. Thus Bedcock won the battle between the multi-talented players, and Van der Paul finished seventh.

The Belgians did not play a leading role. Scheuermanns finished 34th, Pierre de Freudmont 51, Rob Vanden Hesfielde 113, and Dan Sweety did not reach the finals.

For women, France was at the helm of Germany. The 21-year-old Lecomte already left the opponent in the opening round and only fellow countryman Ferran Prevot took on. She chased, but couldn’t see the Lecomte rear wheel again.

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Lecomte came with an impressive lead of about a minute. American Haley Patten was third on stage.

Geetha Michels finished 20th, Celine del Carmen Alvarado retired.