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Ferrera proud after promotion: "Proof that there is a lot of talent in the lower series" |  Jupiler Pro League

Ferrera proud after promotion: “Proof that there is a lot of talent in the lower series” | Jupiler Pro League

In football, sometimes the joy and sadness are very close to each other. The contrast between Sering’s PhD student joy and the downward disappointment of Waasland-Beveren couldn’t be greater yesterday. This translated into an intense conversation with the coaches after the match.

Emilio Ferreira is likely to coach another team in the Belgian Football League next season. The 53-year-old teacher is happy with this, but showed respect to the opponent at the press conference.

Ferrera opened, “First of all, I want to cheer on the Waasland-Beveren coach.” “I know what it means to lose important matches. It’s painful, but this is football.”

“With all due respect, but I think the win was deserved. We were better in both games. We had more scoring opportunities and dominated the match. Also mentally, because we gave a stupid penalty after 15 minutes and we are still fighting.”

“I am proud of my players, who do not have any experience in 1B or in the top league. What they have achieved this year is amazing. Not only in substance, we played every game without fear,” said Syring’s coach.

What we have achieved is exceptional. We played football in every match without fear.

Emilio Ferreira

“For us, this race is a summary of our season.
It was a difficult period. We achieved our third goal of the season today. The first goal was preservation, then came second on the horizon, and now we achieved the third goal by being promoted to 1A. “

“You can compare our season a little bit with Leicester City a few years ago. They played football for retention, but then they played for a ticket in the Champions League and then won the title in England.”

“My players deserve this promotion. This is proof that there is a lot of talent in the lower tiers of Belgian football and that exploration is not enough.”

“Our story deserves more attention. We played the same thing in every match, from the first to the last. It’s full of dedication and new, offensive football. Our style is special. When you get to know your team as a coach by his playing style, it gives a lot of satisfaction.”

Heine: “frequent mistakes throughout the season”

Where there is a winner, there will always be a loser. Nicki Hine couldn’t hide his post-match disappointment, but he remained loyal in his analysis. “On the basis of the two matches they deserve,” the coach opened.

“Seraing has a lot of dynamics and fast feet in the team. We got everywhere too late. We defeated the second ball, which was usually our strength. We missed the fire in our game. It was really messy in the locker room during half the time. That makes sense too. If you keep making the same mistakes. Let that be the common denominator of our season. “

“Today we received a great reception from the fans. If we have to win one match for our fans, it will be this match. If that doesn’t work and you swallow 5 goals on your ground, you hit hard.”

If we had to win one match for our fans, it was this match.

Nikki Hine

“What the future will bring is a big question mark. From day one, we worked with passion and drive to keep this club in the first division. We did not succeed and it hurts me a lot,” he continues. .

“The players are now on their way home. They will communicate with them about the future in the coming days. First they can let everything pass by.”

After a tough season, Nikki Heine doesn’t want to kick his club. You win together and lose together. I will never say a bad word about this group or club, ”said the coach.

Wuytens: “A whole year of action is lost in two matches”

Dries Wittens (Captain Waasland-Beveren): “We worked hard throughout the season, we got there. Then you played two terrible games at Seraing and at home. I don’t understand you’re throwing something you’ve worked for a whole year in two games.”

“When 5 or 6 players underperform in such important matches, it becomes difficult. Even against 1B. Now I’ll be walking around the house disappointed for a week. I think my wife will go crazy.”

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