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Kylie Jenner needs 3.5 hours of makeup: 'worth every second' |  Famous People

Kylie Jenner needs 3.5 hours of makeup: ‘worth every second’ | Famous People

Famous PeopleReality star Kylie Jenner, 23, spends 3.5 hours on her makeup routine on a typical day. She thinks this is too long, but she’s always happy afterwards. “It’s worth every second.”

Here’s what Kylie has to say in a new video tutorial in honor of her 24th birthday next Tuesday. Jenner and regular makeup artist Ariel Tejada clearly love each other, but there are also times of upset. If Kylie doesn’t give him her full attention while he’s fiddling with his brush, for example. “You’re on your phone all the time,” Ariel says. Sometimes I say, ‘Look! Up! lowest!’ And only then do you look up.”

According to Kylie, who owns her own cosmetics brand, this is inevitable. “First off, I work all day on my phone,” she explains. “And the only way I can survive 3.5 hours of make-up with you is if I slack off a little bit.” Not that she doesn’t like being with Ariel. “Whatever my mood is, you brighten my day,” she says. But 3.5 hours is a long time. “At the end of the day I’m happy, it’s worth every second. But… it never takes,” she sighs towards the camera. “Eternity.”

Make-up artist got a job after lying

Ariel has been doing Kylie’s makeup for four years now, and not just on her face. Tejada, for example, also makes her arms shine, according to the video, which has now been viewed 1.3 million times.

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Their first contact was made on Instagram, when he asked Kylie if he wanted to do her makeup. The make-up artist saw the message “only” fourteen minutes later and thought he missed his chance. However he replied. “How weird, I’ll be in LA next week,” he wrote in his own words, referring to Jenner’s hometown. In fact, he didn’t even have the money for a trip.

He put aside a week’s wages and got on the plane anyway. Kylie finds the story touching. “If I had known that, I would have paid you.” She wouldn’t have felt it in her wallet, because Kylie is worth about $700 million (€595 million), according to business magazine Forbes. Earlier, the magazine also mentioned that she is a billionaire, but this conclusion turned out to be based in part on lies from Janner, according to Forbes magazine.

sm suit “Doodeng”

While Kylie was preparing for her birthday this week, her half-sister Kim Kardashian (40) attended the launch of her ex-album Kanye West. Then she was criticized by her followers for wearing strange clothes in front of her children.

Meanwhile, sister Kylie Kendall, 25, was cheering in front of the TV as her friend Devin Booker won a gold medal with the US basketball team in Tokyo yesterday.

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