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Foo Fighters mock ultra-conservative protesters…

Foo Fighters mock ultra-conservative protesters…

“You shouldn’t hate, you should dance.” Prior to their performance in Kansas, the Foo Fighters treated Westboro Baptist Church protesters by performing a world hit, “You Should Be Dancing.”

The Foo Fighters tour of Kansas was halted Thursday, giving the band a chance to revive their feud with the Westboro Baptist Church. Church protesters regularly line the Foo Fighters parking lot with hate-filled banners.

Frontman Dave Grohl decided to jump on a fully occupied truck this time around.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have something to say. Because you know what? I love you! I will,” Grohl told the protesters while the music was playing. “The way I see it, I love everyone. This is what you must do… give all my love, and you must not hate. You must dance! The Foo’s started by playing Bee Gees hit.

The American band recently released an album called Dee Gees, a tribute band for the Bee Gees.

Westborough Baptist Church is a highly conservative denomination, notorious for its anti-Semitic and homophobic hate speech. They are not recognized by any Christian church. Dave Grohl also kidnapped their protest in 2011. The band then also played on a truck dressed as The Hills. And in recent years, Westborough Baptist Church has tweeted frequently about the attention Grohl has given them. Their Twitter account has since been suspended due to hate speech.

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