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Large number of sites available again after global outage |  Internet

Large number of sites available again after global outage | Internet

Due to a technical issue that has affected the websites and apps of major companies across the world, many websites in Belgium have also been unavailable for a while. These include DPG Media’s websites and apps (including HLN, De Morgen and vtm), KBC, Delhaize and AirBNB. In the US, this included Amazon, FedEx, and Delta Air Lines sites, as well as computer games and platforms such as Steam, EA, Playstation Network, Call of Duty, and Warframe. In the meantime, the sites became available again.

The reason for the outage was Akamai, a content delivery network that ensures websites are available worldwide. Akamai indicated that there was a problem with the Edge DNS service. Meanwhile, the company announced via Twitter that the issue has been resolved and the service is back to normal. At around 6.45pm, the affected sites were back online. “Based on what we see now, the service is back to what it should have been normally. We will continue to monitor this to ensure all issues are fully resolved.”

Companies like Akamai ensure that people who visit a website can quickly find what they’re looking for. These sites are in the cloud. Akamai and competitors are on the edge of that digital cloud, between service and user. Therefore these services are also referred to as “edge cloud”.

Earlier this year, there was a major outage at rival firm Fastly. Until then, many websites were inaccessible.