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Inaccessible to many websites and applications around the world

Inaccessible to many websites and applications around the world

Dozens of national and international websites encountered technical problems on Thursday evening. The reason lies in the network resource Akamai. A little after 7pm, the problems are pretty much over.

These include KBC, Delhaize, Airbnb, and DPG Media’s websites and apps (including Het Laatste Nieuws, De Morgen and vtm)

Zalando and Airbnb websites are also having issues.

It is difficult or impossible to access websites abroad. The outage affects FedEx, UPS, and Amazon, among others. Also, the US emergency number 911 will be located largely along the West Coast.

The reason seems to be due to Akamai, an American company that provides various network services. Akamai reported on their website that their “Edge DNS” service is having problems. The DNS (Domain Name Server) service translates the name of a website (for example, through the IP address behind it (a series of numbers with periods between them). This translation is not currently working. At around 6:50 PM, Akamai reported via Twitter that the issue would be resolved and everything would be working again soon. Shortly after 7:00 PM, most of the affected sites are already back to normal. According to Akamai, there is no doubt about a cyber attack, but the exact cause has not been reported yet.