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LastPass users get a notification trying to sign in with a master password – Update – Computer – News

Several users of LastPass password manager reported that third parties tried to log into their LastPass account using the master password. They are afraid that their master password will be leaked. According to Lastpass, these are bots trying to log you in.

Messages come from pirate newsMany users are reporting attempts to log into their account using the master password. Users received an email from LastPass stating that an unauthorized login attempt was made with their master password. The login attempt is blocked because the person trying to login is in a different country.

The notification that LastPass users receive.

Users fear that their password will be leaked because the password they use for LastPass is not used for anything else. At least ten users reported via Hacker News, reddit in a Twitter They received an email that someone had used their master password to log in.

How-to Geek now has a profile statment Received from a LastPass spokesperson. According to LastPass, these are “common bot activities” trying to gain access to accounts containing data that was leaked through a hack on another service. According to the company, they have no indication that the accounts were actually hacked or that anyone gained access to LastPass.

Update: 20.15: LastPass has a blog to explain What the company says and what users can do to protect their account from unauthorized login attempts. LastPass wrote that they are already seeing a “slight increase in activity,” which means login attempts by third parties. LastPass reiterates that there is no evidence of a leak in LastPass or its previous parent company, LogMeIn.

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LastPass writes that there are several features built into the password manager to prevent these types of login attempts from failing. Including references to login attempts from unusual sites. In addition, users can make their account more secure by associating a strong and unique password with the account. It is also recommended that you enable two-step verification.