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WhatsApp introduceert Community, verstevigt grip op WhatsApp-groepen

WhatsApp introduces the community, and strengthens the grip on WhatsApp groups

The latest beta version of WhatsApp iOS includes a “community” feature to merge multiple WhatsApp groups.

Creating a WhatsApp group has been a children’s game for years. Combining multiple groups is impossible. Society changes that.

WABetainfo, a news site with specifications for WhatsApp beta versions, discovered the “community” feature in November. Details were limited. WhatsApp latest beta version Explains the concept.

At its core lies the ability to merge WhatsApp groups under one umbrella. Members of multiple groups can be added and removed from one interface. The community allows a maximum of ten groups. Once groups are added, group members will be able to view posts from other groups. Just like a regular group chat, with centralized management as a differentiating factor.

As mentioned, the feature is currently only available in the beta version of WhatsApp. It is not clear if and when the community will appear in the live release.

When the job becomes available, the practical applications will be diverse. The community is making promises to organizations that use WhatsApp for business communications. Consider the ability to centrally manage group chats for multiple teams or departments.

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