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Leclerc genoot van gevecht met Verstappen: "Zullen elkaar altijd ruimte geven"

Leclerc enjoyed the fight with Verstappen: ‘We will always give each other space’

Charles Leclerc enjoyed his battle for the lead in the race with Max Verstappen. The two battled each other for several rounds in Bahrain, after which Monegask took longer.

Leclerc, surrounded by the Dutchman, started the Bahrain Grand Prix from pole position. The Ferrari driver got off to a good start and almost immediately managed to create a small gap. For Verstappen it was a very problematic race. For example, he was not satisfied with the brakes and the balance of the car. However, by undercut he managed to get behind Leclerc after the first hole stop. In the laps, the two engaged in a beautiful duel that saw progressing back and forth multiple times throughout the match.

The start of the Ferrari dream

Leclerc rode a clear round, while Verstappen had problems with the steering wheel in the second company. The 24-year-old Limberger thought he could attack again after a late safety car, but instead got a DNF after his name due to fuel pump issues. Carlos Sainz, chasing second place, took his chance and completed a one and two punch for Ferrari. The Italian superpower, for example, had a dream of starting the 2022 season.

Fight with Verstappen

“It was hard, but fun,” said Leclerc in a duel with Verstappen. “It was the limit, racing hard. But we’d always give each other another space, which is great. What follows through the second turn was more predictable than I expected, so that was fine too. I always tried to stop very early on the first turn, To get the DRS to turn 4. It worked three times in a row and so I was able to stay on top. I had trouble managing my battery, and that was also very difficult,” he said.

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