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Satisfied faces at Club Brugge: "Amazed by Adamien? No, I knew he was a great player for us."

Satisfied faces at Club Brugge: “Amazed by Adamien? No, I knew he was a great player for us.”

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Club Brugge won again, for the sixth time in a row already in the competition. “We’re working towards bigger shape, yeah. We’re just trying to get as many wins as possible. Six in a row is great. Now we also want to finish the regular season with six out of six, and that’s important for us.”

But Genk didn’t make it easy for Klopp. “They did a good job. We had a hard time finding space and didn’t create any chances. We improved in the second half. We found more space. Best goal in the afternoon? Eto’o has done well, but the best is still for me (He laughs† How does the interaction with Adamyan work? It brings a lot of energy and depth. speed too. It also adds a lot of goals, so it is important in our game. The connection is working smoothly. His English is better than he likes to admit, but my German is good too (He laughs

Adamyan: “Well accepted on the set”

“I am happy with my game today,” said man of the match Sargis Adamian. “I have a lot of volume and intensity to play. I help the team in this way. I enjoyed the game a lot, and the team welcomed me very well into the group. I certainly dare to open my mouth, but especially on the field.”

He has already scored five goals for Brugge, while he has barely scored for Hoffenheim. “I get confidence from the coach and the team here. It’s good that I can return that with goals. It’s fun to play with CDK, because we understand each other very well on the field. Does he fit in the Bundesliga? He definitely has the potential to play there, because there are so many clubs that suit him.” “.

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Zipper: “Training was done on Vanaken’s goal”

Rits has also seen two different halves. “But in the 90 minutes we were the dominant team. We suffered in the first half because we pressed late and let Loukumi dribble the ball. He has the ability to switch sides and play with it, so we focused on that during the first half. In the second half, we created more chances and found more space. , partly because of the red card. It’s never easy when they push high. Then you can create a surplus in midfield, but Genk’s central defenses well covered Charles when he slipped. Then we have to find the right moment and be patient every now and then to deepen the ball.”

“It’s good to be decisive. As a footballer you want to be on the field. I’m more aggressive now than before. Eighteen out of eighteen is a good race, but the most important part of the season is yet to come. The first weeks with the new coach We played a lot of matches right away, so it was hard to get his details. There is time for that now, so he will only get better.”

The Ritz revealed that Hans Vanaken’s goal was rehearsed. “I just had to aim between the posts, and it worked. I went up to him after the goal and he said he hadn’t touched the ball. Then this is my goalI laughed. And if he hits the ball, it will still help (He laughs

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Schroeder: “I’m not surprised about Adamian”

The Dutch coach of Club Brugge witnessed a difficult match in the first half. “We didn’t expect the other system in Genk, so it took us a while to get used to it. We played very slowly from the back. If we played forward, we were threatening right away. Genk has a good team with good players who have confidence in the ball, so as a team you have to defend.” Compactly. We’ve done it really well.”

The first goal was a rehearsed corner. “It’s great to be in. The advantage of a top team is that you have players with individual qualities who can open the match. But it remains important to continue working as a team. I am happy with that as a coach.”

“I’m not surprised about Adamian. I knew he could be very dangerous in this competition. He’s a great team player, he catches and he keeps working. He’s also good at handling the ball, so he’s a great player for us. The international break comes in uncomfortable.” A bit, but you know it in advance. We’re looking at the positive. I find it strange that as a big team we have to start immediately on Friday, because we have the most internationals. I don’t understand that very well. We just have to be able to handle that. “.