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Lenovo is also jumping on the AI-powered PC train

Lenovo is also jumping on the AI-powered PC train

With a new series of PCs, Lenovo is also joining the trend of AI-enabled PCs. ThinkCentre desktops need to be energy efficient and still deliver solid performance.

The ThinkCentre M75t Gen 5 tower desktops and ThinkCentre M75s Gen 5 mini form factor desktops are designed to multitask. To achieve this, they work with the power of artificial intelligence enhanced by AMD processors. This means that not only everyday activities like browsing, email, media, etc. have to be super fast, but also the most data-intensive tasks. Chip-level AI functions allocate power to appropriate applications during use, and the fan is also controlled using AI to cool the system at the optimal speed.

In terms of security, the computers are equipped with the Microsoft Pluton security processor, which provides the highest level of Windows security. This way, physical attacks can be blocked, protected up to the firmware level, and provide additional security for the most sensitive data.

Powerful and stable power supply

“At Lenovo, we want to help unlock the new possibilities of AI,” Sanjeev Menon, vice president and general manager of the global desktop business at Lenovo’s Smart Devices Group, said in a press release. Our ThinkCentre M75 desktops provide a powerful and stable power supply, the ability to upgrade components when needed, plenty of room for memory expansion and improved thermal management. This makes them ideal choices for improving productivity using AI, without requiring large investments.

The devices will be available from June.