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Lesbian nun directed by Paul Verhoeven banned in Russia

Lesbian nun directed by Paul Verhoeven banned in Russia

Russian cinemas allowed BeneditaNew Paul Verhoeven movie not showing.

The film about a love affair between two nuns in a 17th century convent was scheduled to hit Russian cinemas from October 7, but it did not receive a distribution license from the Ministry of Culture.

According to the ministry, the film contains a scene with provocative content that violates the Russian law on freedom of conscience and religion.

Introduction: Benedetta

It is not clear which scene it is exactly. There are a lot of naked women in the movie. But the scene in which a statue of Mary was used as a prosthesis did not go unnoticed.

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven relied on the non-fiction book indecent acts by American Academy Judith C. Brown. Benedetta Carlini was a nun who rocked a convent in 17th century Italy with her visions and her sexual relationship with her sister Bartolomea. At the beginning of July, the film went with the French actress Virgin Evira In the lead role, it was first shown in Cannes.

In Russia it is difficult to show films about homosexuality on the silver screen. For example, “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” is prohibited. So many filmmakers have already cut scenes from their work beforehand. Movies about religion are also sensitive.

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