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Starlings are rushing after a technical error in performance

Starlings are rushing after a technical error in performance

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A sore problem for The Starlings: Kato Callebaut (30) and Tom Dice (31) both got sore ears after Saturday night’s performance. Due to a technical error, the couple heard a very loud whistle in their ears during the performance. On the advice of the doctor, they canceled their Sunday party.

“Something went wrong on Saturday during a special,” he told the musician couple. “As a result, we get huge feedback – loud, high-pitched whistle – in our ears. Human error, and unfortunately it has a huge impact.”

This also has consequences for the show that is planned for Herent on Sunday. “We have to rest our ears on doctor’s orders. So, with a heavy heart, we have to cancel today’s show. It hurts because we always enjoy our audience during shows.” The Starlings hope to make up for their canceled concert soon.

Their manager tells the story. The spouses themselves can not continue – the ears really need a rest. “After their performance at Bollekesfeesten in Antwerp, they gave a special show in the homes of the people of Oud-Turnhout, with two of them and the regular technicians,” says Henk Vermeulen. “As with every performance, they have a transmitter in their ears to hear their own mix. It was an intimate performance on a caravan-like stage. After their performance, a cover band will perform on the adjacent stage.”

When the cover band’s audio system was turned on, things went wrong. There must be frequency interference with our transmitting equipment. Suddenly the audience heard a loud and rustling sound zoom through the funds. And it was very noisy in the starling’s ears.”

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After two songs, the show ended. “When they walked off the stage, they both complained blueberry in their ears. Things got worse on the way home. It was so painful that they had to go to the emergency room. There the doctor advised them to rest – Don’t expose your ears to new sounds and stimuli now. It soon became clear that today’s performance at Hurent would not be possible.”


Not sure if it was the tinnitus. Therefore, Kato and Tom have to visit a specialist on Monday. The dull feeling in the ears can also go away on its own after a few days, but that remains to be seen.

It is a human error. “Our crew did nothing wrong. Frequencies are often discussed at festivals, but that hasn’t happened here. Whether it’s out of inattention or ignorance, we don’t want to throw mud. The priority now is Tom and Kato’s health. Keep your fingers crossed for the scenario where It will pass by itself.”

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