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Leusden slows down on solar field plans |  Leusder newspaper

Leusden slows down on solar field plans | Leusder newspaper

leusen Over the next two years, the municipality of Leusden wants to make space for about 20 hectares of solar energy in the outlying region. Previously, the municipality was looking for an area of ​​100 hectares until 2030. “This starting point is the result of online consultations and discussions in the spring with various interest groups,” the municipality wrote.

“It is clear from this that timing and research on alternatives and implications, among other things, are urgently needed before more pastures and fields are available.”

Conversations with interest groups and online research clearly show that there are concerns about the effects of solar fields

The municipality now wants to put in place an “invitation framework” in which they are looking for much less hectares of solar fields and are thinking about the next step which should be in two years. Alderman Van der Vegte: “From conversations with interest groups and an online survey last spring, it is clear that there are concerns about the effects of solar fields on the countryside and beautiful nature. We do not want to ignore these concerns. This does not mean that our ambition to be energy neutral by 2040 will end, but now we just want to make room for a careful first step.” Another important argument for the municipality to phase out the ambition further is the overcrowded power grid.

“Fortunately, we are seeing more and more residents and businesses installing solar panels on the roofs. And you find it important that there is enough and still enough space to connect the rooftop sun to the electricity grid,” says van der Wegte. “Everyone can contribute to the home. Insulation reduces energy consumption, so we need to generate less sustainable energy. The IkWilWatt energy office is on hand to advise Leusdenaren.”

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The council will make a decision in December on sustainable energy generation in the municipality. Residents are invited to express their opinion on this matter. This can be done in the following ways at the meeting of attendees in De Korf (5 October) or De Roskam (7 October). Registration is desirable: from 6 October on the site

In the week of October 6-16, the municipality will be at the malls to collect responses.

Special for Leusden Youth: Live session at Fort33 on October 14th. Registration is required.

On October 4, Leusder Krant and the municipality will host an evening of climate discussion with a special guest: meteorologist and climate expert Rainer van den Berg. Subscribe via

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