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Yelter on top: Your eyes and ears at COP26!

Yelter on top: Your eyes and ears at COP26!

Who is Yelter? Logos and excel sheets!

Welter is responsible for climate and environmental taxes at Bond Beter Leefmilieu.

“Personally, I think this is a great mix between the big, comprehensive story on the one hand, and the concrete question of how to achieve this on the other. Where do we want to go, and how do we translate that into investments, tax policy and other interventions? Logos, Excel sheets, something like that I’m looking forward to.” To some intense months and years, where we all have an incredible amount of work to do if we are to prevent further climate disruption.”

Climate damage compensation

There is a third aspect closely related to this: the Earth is already 1.2 degrees warmer, and we were also able to experience the consequences of last summer. How will we compensate for climate damage? Agreements must be made about it. The same is true of ‘defensive’ measures by which we can contain more damage, and funding for poorer nations is again an essential component.

The legitimacy of the negotiations

There are also a number of technical aspects on the agenda, such as how emissions cuts are reported, or the rules surrounding carbon markets. Dry fare, but of great importance to the consistency and efficacy of the whole.

With COVID, the importance of inclusion and equity is more tangible than ever. Many poor countries have not yet had the opportunity to vaccinate their residents, putting their presence in Glasgow at risk. For the legitimacy of the negotiations, it is essential that these countries participate in an equal manner.

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We keep you posted

Bond Beter Leefmilieu wants to give this top’s machine a human face. On our social media, we will talk to many of our attendees through videos and interviews and let many different voices speak their mind. Such as the Flemish and Belgian climate ministers and Belgian negotiators. But representatives of the business community, unions, journalists and colleagues from other (international) environmental organizations have been discussed. What do you think of the Glasgow commitment, and when will the summit be successful for them? You can follow Yelter at the top via Facebook social networking siteAnd LinkedIn employment Twitter.