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Levine Scherr struggled for years with phobias: ‘I haven’t taken a train in ten years for fear’

Levine Scherr struggled for years with phobias: ‘I haven’t taken a train in ten years for fear’

Levin Sher: “Via smoking, Probably: that’s how everyone knew her at the time. When this article first came out, a lot of people were nervous about me: “Hello all It will be at your door! But in fact I only received positive feedback. So I wouldn’t mind talking about it on TV now. On the contrary, I think it is good that BVs also appear in a program like ProcessingBecause it may sometimes lower the threshold for people who can benefit from a psychologist, but who have doubts.”

Why did you go back to treatment?

“Phobic complaints, as they are called. Especially in situations where I could not leave – on the train, in a long tunnel – I had panic attacks: my heart rate rose, my chest tightened, I got warm, my breathing quickened. This feeling was so frightening that I began to Avoid all possible ‘dangerous’ situations: I haven’t taken a train for ten years, for example. But when I was allowed to go and see innovations in India for VRT and was about to say no because of the trip, I addressed myself sternly: “Cher, you’re not thirty after. Are you really going to decide never to get on a plane again? Then I went to a therapist who specializes in phobias who helped me get rid of it in just three months.”


“Through cognitive behavioral therapy. She explained what happened to me during my anxiety response. Very helpful because it allowed me to bring everything I felt like home. Then we moved on to gradual exposure, starting with short tram rides. My first tram ride was only one stop. , but after a while I was able to handle longer trips. Then it became trains: first a local train, then an IC train, then a TGV, and finally with Eurostar via Chunnel. And in the end, I got on that trip to India without too many problems.”

Your problem is gone now?

“For the most part, yes. I will soon be taking a trip to Los Angeles: I need some preparation for this, but now I can organize it myself.”

What did you lose in Los Angeles?

“I’ve been invited on a tour of some startups and tech companies, and maybe I’ll visit SpaceX: Can you imagine how miserable I would have been if I had never treated my phobia?”

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