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Lewis Hamilton does not make it past the eleventh time: 'I felt good'

Lewis Hamilton does not make it past the eleventh time: ‘I felt good’

Lewis Hamilton did not cut more than 11 times with Mercedes during the second practice of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. Valtteri Bottas scored for the 16th time and was two seconds behind the fastest Red Bull in the hands of Sergio Perez.

During the first exercise, Hamilton and Bottas set the seventh and tenth times, respectively. In the afternoon, both Mercedes fell outside the top ten.

Oddly enough, Hamilton has a good sense of the behavior of his car, he told reporters in Baku.

“Good day”

Hamilton: “Overall I had a really good day. Everything went smoothly, I did the laps we wanted to cover and didn’t make any mistakes except for one, it was under braking during VT1. So I felt like I rode really well.”

The Briton says he seemed to be driving at the limit, but the multiplication tables tell a different, less positive story. The result shows that the seven-time world champion was not even in the top ten on Friday afternoon in Baku. Hamilton is even the second fastest for Perez.

Hamilton: “In the long run, it went a little better. In general, everything was fine, I was driving at the limit, but the car was also at the limit. There were parts that I could go faster, but there were just It doesn’t look like he’s going to get it anymore.”


So Hamilton seems confused and somewhat disappointed. His words show that he cannot help but explain a little how the current crisis can be explained by the shape of the powerful Mercedes. It seems complete chaos with the team that has won world titles for the past seven years.

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“Anyway, it doesn’t look like we’ve taken a step forward in terms of speed,” said Hamilton. “In fact, it looks like we’ve taken a step back, but I’m not sure yet.”

Unwilling to comment, Toto Wolff postponed talks with reporters after Friday’s tragic disaster for the Mercedes team in Baku.

Pictures of the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix