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Licata unlocks a gem with a unique cellar in Zolder

Licata unlocks a gem with a unique cellar in Zolder

The famous Licata Vini winery from Diepenbeek has just opened the doors of Villa Licata in Boulderberg, near the Zolder Circuit. It is a wine experience center in a unique environment, where loyal guests, partners and companies can experience wine in an elegant and refined culinary way. The investment amounts to 3.5 million euros.

Licata Vini has been one of the best distributors of the best Italian wines in Belgium for many years. Over time, Licata also became more than just a “vini.” In addition to its many event initiatives, there are exciting partnerships with Tomorrowland and Formula 1, with Licata distributing the best sparkling wines from Solo Vida and Ferrari Trento respectively.

With Villa Licata, the Limburg winery now aims higher and wants to create a place where guests and business partners can enjoy the best that Italian cuisine and wine culture has to offer in an exceptional environment and in peace and quiet. “A place to experience wine, respecting the best gastronomy and the Italian way of life,” explains Laurent Licata. “A place where winemakers and chefs, both with new talent and established values, meet and challenge each other in front of an audience of culinary adventurers and wine lovers.”

The ground floor is furnished as a restaurant with an intimate living room with an open kitchen. There is room for about thirty guests who can enjoy the culinary arts presented by famous chefs. Wine tastings with appropriate dishes can also be organised, for example during exclusive winemakers' dinners. A few steps away you can enter the attractive Italian lounge bar. The state-of-the-art wine cellar immediately catches the eye, with an exceptional collection of over 3,000 fine wines. In addition to being a tasting room, this lounge bar can also be used for corporate meetings or other business gatherings. The glass back wall connects to a spacious terrace opening onto the Mediterranean garden with an authentic Italian outdoor kitchen. The new building is built with elegant, sustainable materials and uses the latest energy technologies. An investment of €3.5 million would take Licata Vini to an even higher level.

Owner Laurent Licata does not hide his enthusiasm: “With Villa Licata, we are writing an important new chapter in the development of Licata as a company. The goal from day one has been to welcome wine lovers in a warm, luxurious and at the same time homely atmosphere.” And to add an additional, unique experience to Italian hospitality. Known in Licata. Considering the many positive feedbacks we are already receiving, I believe we have succeeded in achieving our goal.”

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A special event is already on the agenda for Sunday, April 21. Then Villa Licata welcomes none other than Roger Sufferens, an icon in the culinary world. 85-year-old Souvrenz is known for his unparalleled experience and revolutionary contribution to the art of cooking. His innovative style of cooking has transcended the boundaries of Belgian cuisine and his influence extends far beyond the country's borders. Sufferens was also the first star chef who dared to break the dominance of French wines on the menu of Belgian restaurants by introducing Italian wines. On April 21, Soverenz donned his chef's hat and took advice on wine from Calogero Licata. A unique opportunity for lovers…