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Lini (76) is happy to be warming up with her ancient Toyota Life

Automatic: Toyota Starlet 1.0 DL

Year of construction: 1988

Estimated Where: Irreplaceable

Motor: 0.9 liter four-cylinder engine, 54 hp

Top speed: 150 km / h, 0-100 km / h: 13.5V

“We bought the Toyota from people who were going to immigrate to New Zealand. He was one year old at the time. I did not expect the car to last that long, but we have no reason to remove it in 32 years. The counter is 160,000 kilometers away and it will always work.

Well, we got roadside assistance twice. I left the keys in the car for the first time. De VeganWactor drives a new Toyota running on hydrogen. Good, but I would not trade Starlet for it. The second time was caused by a battery malfunction. Rodman said: ‘What a nice car, I can fix it with nail scissors!’

License plate adventure

Many years ago, when the new European license plates arrived, the garage ordered new license plates over the phone. After a while I stopped at the station. The car disappeared when I came back and looked. Stolen, I thought. It turned out: he was confiscated with a fake license plate … something went wrong with the order because the new license plate had B instead of D.

We have a large, modern car for everyday use. We have Toyota with it. A beautiful car. There is no air conditioning or power steering, but the heating is fantastic and the narrow tires make parking effortless. We have kept the Starlet for so long that it has officially become a vintage car. This is really my favorite. He is often washed, brushed, and warmed.

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