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Eight specialty homes where you can travel around the world


You can visit some of these unique houses inside or even spend a few days.

1. Garrett House

We thought we could start small. Maybe you are ready to cut? It is almost impossible to get this house small by architect Jacques Schicksney. The house in Warsaw is only 1 meter 32 by its wide space. It was named in honor of writer Edgar Gerrett, who invited visitors home.

2. Toilet house

Yes, toilets are very inspiring! Check out this house in Zhou, South Korea. Jack Sim designed it in memory of his global toilet system.

3. Beer Can House

Do you drink beer? To make your house more special, you need to remove a lot of beers before you have enough cans to decorate the house. You must be in Houston, Texas to enjoy this.

4. Steel House

You should have this steel house in Texas too. With 100 kilograms of iron, this is Robert Bruno’s best construction.

5. The Hobbit House

You no longer have to travel to New Zealand to see The Hobbit House. You can find this beautiful house in Washington on Airbnb and even spend the night in it.

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6. Bubble Palace

We have cubes in Rotterdam and bubbles in Cannes (France). The unique feature of this bubble palace is the ten rooms, each decorated by different artists.

7. Transparent house

No need to go inside if you want to see what the interior looks like. You can even peek from the bottom to the top floor. If you are in Tokyo, this is a good view to add to your list.

8. Headington Shark

We thought it should not be left out of the list of specialty houses because the house is really quite ordinary. This surreal shark house suddenly turns a ‘boring’ terrace house in Oxford, England, into a tourist destination.