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Live: Antwerp reward themselves for eager start against AA Gent, Limagic misses equaliser |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Live: Antwerp reward themselves for eager start against AA Gent, Limagic misses equaliser | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 45 + 2′ – Jill – Michel Ange Baliquicha
  2. 16′ – Dupont – Alhassan Youssef (0-1)
  3. 14′ – Penalty missed – Michael Fry
  1. 55′ – Follow Gil Pattay written by Sam Vines

Gent Antwerp is the second game on Sunday afternoon. Ghent could do well with watching the Champions Qualifiers, and Antwerp are hoping to keep third place intact. Follow the duel from 4pm in this article with text updates.

  1. The second half, the 55th minute. Substitution in Antwerp, Sam Vines entered, and Gil Bataille came out
  2. battalion exit. The match is over for Bataille: he runs away from the wounded, and Vines comes to take his place. . Second half, 53rd minute.
  3. Second half, minute 52. AA Gent searches in vain for an opening and then has to watch out for Antwerp’s counter-prick. Frey can take advantage of Hanche-Olsen’s indecision, but he doesn’t play it well. .
  4. The second half, the 49th minute. Both teams did not radiate much energy at the beginning of the second half. Everything needs to go. .
  5. The second half, the 46th minute. The second half. We are in the second half. There will be no changes at this time. .
  6. The second half, the 46th minute, the match started
  7. The first half, the 48th minute, the game is over
  8. First half, 47th minute. Half time. Despite a missed penalty, Antwerp settled in front. AA Gent rebalanced the match after the visitors’ strong start and Youssef 0-1, but missed the chances of a tie. .
  9. Yellow card for Michel Ange Balikocha from Antwerp during the first half, minute 47
  10. First half, minute 46. Antwerp imposed another corner kick in the last seconds of the first half, but it came to nothing. .
  11. First half, minute 43.
  12. The first half, 42nd minute. A great save by Butez. AA Gent is now insisting. Castro Montes draws a line towards the top corner, Botez pushes the shot off his target with his fingertips. .
  13. First half, minute 36. It’s a tough match. The difference is getting smaller and smaller, AA Gent is crawling near Antwerp. Geert Hermans on Radio 1.
  14. The first half, minute 32. The English language with interference. Once again AA Gent: Lemajic throws at Hjulsager, who kicks the ball against powerfully returning Engels. Here, too, there was more to the home team. .
  15. First half, minute 28. Limagic misses the equaliser. What an opportunity for an AA Gent! Lemajic passes the ball well between two defenders, but then hits it upside down. .
  16. The first half, the 26th minute. The home team is now trying to advance a bit. A pass from Hjulsager disappears into the corner, Norio hits a defender. .
  17. First half, minute 20. We still have to wait for a full attack by AA Gent. Nurio tries to bring Lemajic to his position with a cross pass from the left, but it becomes a pop for Butez. .
  18. First half, minute 17.
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