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STVV trying to put out a fire: 'Tensions peaked in an unfortunate way' |  Jupiler Pro League

STVV trying to put out a fire: ‘Tensions peaked in an unfortunate way’ | Jupiler Pro League

There seems to be a hair in the butter between STVV and the fans. Fans grumbled yesterday after the 1-0 loss to Charleroi, and defender Junior Pius and assistant coach Denis Schmidt did not avoid the confrontation. “We understand the motive, but we certainly don’t agree with the way it is being done,” STVV said of their reactions.

In STVV, it may be necessary to hold a reconciliation meeting. Yesterday, the stomach of assistant coach Dennis Schmidt and defender Junior Pius was loudly booed.

Their reactions—including sighs and arm gestures—compelled CEO Takayuki Tateishi to write today’s response.

“I want to apologize on behalf of the club,” the Japanese wrote. The confrontations were unfortunate.”

“While we understand the motivation behind Dennis and Junior’s actions, we certainly don’t agree with the way this is being done.”

Because of consecutive fierce matches, sharp loss and boos from their player, they reacted with full emotion.

STVV about yesterday’s show

The CEO of STVV stresses that both parties are “100 percent” committed to the club.

“We spoke to them. Because of the fierce consecutive matches, the heavy loss and the ridicule of their player, they reacted with complete emotion.”

“But I know they have nothing but respect for the club. They apologize to the STVV fans for their behaviour.

“With good and bad results: we depend on each other,” it still seemed. “There is only one way from here and that is to move forward together.”

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