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Live: Bayern immediately chase the hunt for the ninth consecutive German title |  Bundesliga 2020/2021

Live: Bayern immediately chase the hunt for the ninth consecutive German title | Bundesliga 2020/2021

  1. 37 ‘- goal – Robin Kwyson (2-0).
  2. 36 ‘- yellow – Jerome Boateng
  3. 3 ‘- goal – Jonathan Burchardt (1-0).

Bayern Munich can today crown itself champion of Germany for the ninth time (!) In a row. The German superpower could once again count on Lewandowski’s throat instinct to do the job against Mainz.

Juventus is the only club in the top 5 European competitions that can also win the title 9 times in a row. Could Mueller and his mates set their feet next to De Oude Dame’s win record today?

  1. The first half, the 37th minute. Mainz goal: 2-0! After Boateng’s mistake, Mweme settled behind the ball. He sends a nice free kick at 16 meters. Quaison is first on the ball with a header hard. .
  2. A goal in the first half, minute 37 by Robin Coison from 1. FSV Mainz 05.2, 0.
  3. Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng gets a yellow card during the first half, minute 36
  4. The first half, the 35th minute. Burchardt returned to the field with a few cotton balls in his nose. Will the scorer come out with a goal again? .
  5. First half, minute 33. Bayern’s engine starts spinning. Through intelligent interaction, they play the role of Mainz from one pillar to another in the superstructure. .
  6. Burchardt’s broken nose? Burkardt and Kimmich fill the ball, but find each other their way. Burchardt heads hard on his opponent’s shoulder and has to leave the field with a bloody nose. . First half, minute 31.
  7. The first half, the 28th minute. Boateng sees and finds Muller in the penalty area with a nice cross. The German striker tries the ball one at a time. The farthest corner, but half of its turn lacks efficiency. .
  8. The first half, minute 25. Captain Latza takes the ball. He is shooting the ball in the street, but no one responds. However, the opening seemed dangerous. .
  9. The first half, the 23rd minute. Bayern in the attack. Bayern withdraw the card from the wing players. They now drop a few balls into the box, but Mainz’s defense has dismantled the danger for now before it reaches the sniper Lewandowski. .
  10. The first half, minute 22. Bayern now has a monopoly on the ball, but at the moment they are not allowed to pass after the start. .
  11. First half, minute 20. Quaison comes out like a devil from the penalty area in front of Bayern Munich. Neuer stands on his toes and dives into the feet of Mainz’s most industrious man. .
  12. Sid Mainz gives a lecture. Another ball is perverted. Again against this post. Again, Mainz is a few centimeters away from the 2–0 zone. Bayern shivering at the moment. . First half, minute 18.
  13. The first half, minute 16. Mainz again. Quaison throws some opponents in the wind and hits the target from a short distance. Whiz the ball straight towards Neuer. The goalkeeper saves well. .
  14. First half, minute 15. Hi Lewandowski. Lewandowski is there for the first time. After Mainz’s defense is weak, the ball is rolled in front of the Polish striker’s feet. He can anchor freely from the rectangle, but he kicks boldly. .
  15. The first half, the 12th minute. Mainz is back on track. Bayern’s defense looks like a basketball at the moment. Do nerves play with & nbsp; Rekordmeister? .
  16. The second big opportunity for Mainz. Manuel Neuer makes up for his mistake. It runs all the way onto an oblique ball. It was easy after 2-0 for Mainz, but the goalkeeper was smartly on his way. . The first half, minute 10.
  17. First half, minute 9. Davis is leading along on his wing. He spoons the ball in front of goal, but a Mainz tower is on the way. The danger passed. .
  18. The first half, the 8th minute. Bayern Munich relies directly on the chase and pushes the accelerator. Can Mainz survive this pressure? .
  19. First half, minute 3. Mainz goal: 1-0! . Neuer misjudges a shot from Burchardt. It looks a little clumsy, but the skin flies in. .
  20. First half goal, minute 3 by Jonathan Burchardt from 1. FSV Mainz 05.1, 0.
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