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Verkest (15) reaches the top ten in the final with his debut "I thought:" nervousness isn't necessary, Jutta "| More Sports

Verkest (15) reaches the top ten in the final with his debut “I thought:” nervousness isn’t necessary, Jutta “| More Sports

More sportFrom the third to the tenth reserve in the all-round final: Jota Verkast interested in venturing in the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Basel. And that in her 15th and in her debut in the European Championship.

Four gymnasts could go to the Tokyo Games for the Belgium team in three months. One ticket has already been booked for world champion Nina Druel, who is preparing for the European Championship with a foot injury as a precaution. In that European Championship, Jutta Verkest openly filed for a spot in the selection yesterday. She finished 10th in the final of all rounds, with a score of 52.132 points.

And that while it actually did not qualify for the final. With a score of 49,598 points, she was in third place only. But during the warm-up period, the Belgians tell Benjamin that she can still start. My first reaction was, Seriously? “I was actually quite satisfied with my first European Championship, and I certainly didn’t feel like losing because I didn’t reach the Final.”

Verkest, who studies science, has proven herself deserving of more than 33rd place in qualifications. She did not foul the crossbar and scored 13,500 points. In the jump (13,500 points) it also performed better, only on the Bridge (12466 points) and Ground (12,666 points) its scores were slightly lower than on Wednesday.


I wasn’t interested in my points or where I was. I just did my best.

Gota ferex

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Of course Verkest was pleased with that 10th place. “I was less nervous in the final than I was during the qualifiers. Maybe because I knew too late. I particularly enjoyed it. I thought, ‘Don’t be nervous, Jota. Stress isn’t necessary for anything. If you can also do it in training … “I wasn’t working on my points or where I was. I did my best. “

For Verquist, the European Championship was a great experience and a learning experience, she says. “You know immediately what things are like in such a European tournament. As with the warm-up. If you don’t claim your place, they won’t let you in, you know.” She is not thinking about games at the moment. “The tests are still planned, and a lot will depend on them. Of course he would like to go to Tokyo – who wouldn’t? – but I can only do my best.”

Van den Quibus

In the men’s category, Luca van den Keppas finished 15th in the all-around final. The 24-year-old East Fleming collected 79,065 points. After five of the six courses, Van den Keppas was still eighth, but falling off the throat horse might have cost him a place in the top ten.

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