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LIVE: Will the brand also rule Tabor or will Betsema win?  |  cyclocross world cup (women) 2021

LIVE: Will the brand also rule Tabor or will Betsema win? | cyclocross world cup (women) 2021

A week after the European Championship, all the top players will be back on the pitch for the World Cup tour in line. After five stages, Lucinda Brand and Denis Betsima each score 147 points. Who will pull the longest straw today? You can follow him live with a text message from 13:25.

  1. 13h 19. I absorbed the European Championship by spending time with the family. This is always a pleasure and today’s race suits me well, so I am looking forward to it! Denis Betsima at Play Sports.
  2. It’s 13:00 17 – Netherlands vs. Hungary? In Overijse Vas solo to victory. The Hungarian showed her style and gave the Dutch a heel. Will you join the discussions again today? .
  3. It’s 13:00.
  4. It’s 13:09. I’ve never seen the driveway dry. So it would be a fast tactical track. I love that! Lucinda Brand at Play Sports.
  5. 13 Hours 08. Surprisingly Puck Pieterse III. In the World Cup standings, Puck Pieterse took third place among the women’s elite. That’s pretty clever, because it’s still just a promise. Will the Dutch collect points again today? .
  6. 13 hours 02. Today there are no winter temperatures and snow – as we’ve seen before in a queue – but a nice 8 degree temperature and a light breeze. & nbsp; .
  7. 11 am 57. The flames also set Neil. Last Thursday Lucinda Brand was the strongest again in Niel. This is for the third year in a row. The Dutch missed her start due to misfortune, but then everyone stuck together. An overwhelming performance that earned her the favorite role today. .
  8. 11 p. 57.
  9. 11 p.m. 42 o’clock. The brand is on top. Lucinda Brand became – with force majeure – the European Champion at the VAM Mountain Arena last week. In the World Cup standings, she shares the top spot with fellow countrywoman Denis Betsima. Does this make for an amazing duel today? .
  10. 11:00 42.
  11. 11:00 41. Seems like it was my day. Lucinda Brand after the European Championships.
  12. 11:37. There is no “san cant” in the Czech Republic. Sanne Cant will not initially be in line today. On Thursday, the two-time Belgian champion fell in a warm-up cross Super Prestige in Niel. The result: a slight concussion, which prevents Canton from traveling to the Czech Republic. .
  13. 11 p. 29.
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