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Living in green spaces reduces the risk of stroke |  to know

Living in green spaces reduces the risk of stroke | to know

A green area near your home reduces your risk of stroke by 16 percent. This is according to a new Spanish study. It seems that “we must take bold measures to reduce car use”.

Scientists analyzed the health data of 3.5 million adults from Catalonia. They took into account the effect of air pollutants such as soot particles and particulates, and looked at the amount of green space in a 300-meter radius around the house.

The results showed, among other things, a direct relationship between elevated levels of nitrogen dioxide and the risk of stroke. For each time nitrogen dioxide levels increased by 10 micrograms per cubic meter, the risk of stroke increased by four percent.

“This substance is directly caused by road traffic. If we really want to reduce the risks this pollutant poses to people’s health, we need to take bold steps to reduce motor vehicle use,” says Catherine Tun, a researcher at IS Global. Avellaneda: “This study demonstrates the importance of environmental determinants of stroke risk.”

So the scientists concluded that green living environments reduce the risk of stroke: “People surrounded by more green space in their hometown have additional protection against stroke,” Avellaneda says.

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