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look.  After losing to Bosuil, Angry Sports

look. After losing to Bosuil, Angry Sports

Xavi is angry. very angry. The 43-year-old Barcelona coach does not understand why the Catalan media were suddenly so negative after the defeat in Antwerp. One Spanish journalist even suffered personally. “I read letters as if my father or mother had died.”

look. Poisonous Xavi puts journalist in shirt after loss to Boswell

And whether the defeat in Antwerp will have an impact on FC Barcelona. The Spanish media – especially the Catalan ones – doubt Xavi’s ability. Only four of the last nine matches have been won. The latest downfall is the loss of Bosuil. Although Barcelona has already qualified for the next round, a painful round in the first stage. So in Catalonia they are wondering whether the club legend is still the right man in the right place. Here and there the Catalan press hints that Xavi should fear for his job.

Personal attack

In preparation for the home game against Valencia tonight, Xavi sat face to face with the same media on Friday afternoon. He clearly had something to get off his chest. He does not understand why Catalan newspapers, such as Mundo Deportivo, which are usually supportive of Barcelona, ​​are now expressing themselves negatively. “It amazes me that people abandon ship when things go wrong. It’s important that we stick together. This also applies to the media. I don’t understand why we don’t do that. If we were eliminated from the Champions League on Wednesday (against Antwerp, editor) I could still understand it.” But that is not the case. Yes, we have to play better, but we are still in the race for four titles (La Liga, Europa League, Copa del Rey and Super Cup, editor). Things are just written and they are not true.

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Xavi with Van Bommel after the Antwerp-Barcelona match. © Belga

This is the end of it? never. Because a journalist had to suffer personally. Xavi personally attacked the correspondent of the major Spanish newspaper SPORT, David Bernabeu. “A month ago you told me I was Sir Alex Ferguson of Barcelona. You said so. And now I have to be sent off? I think I’m going crazy. Stability: that’s what this club needs. We’re under construction and of course you’ll have holes in the road surface. But if we end up… Deep depression at every hole…

look. Moments from Antwerp-Barcelona

The man who has won a world title, eight national titles and four Champions League titles as a player has continued to progress. “I read letters as if there was a funeral, as if my father or mother had died. None of you congratulated me in the last press conference for reaching the next round of the Champions League. When we won against Atletico we were 10 and now we are 0. The media that sympathizes with Barcelona cannot withdraw at the first turn. We are the champion and the Super Cup holder. This team deserves nothing but respect.”

Just to say: the 3-2 scoreline against Bussil resonates a lot.

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